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Where is Highland Ultrasound scan located?

We are based in the Obstetric Ultrasound Department, Raigmore Hospital, Inverness. The department is reached via the main hospital entrance. From here, turn left and follow the corridor to the stained glass window then turn left and walk down the corridor, past the lifts on the right and the chapel on the left.

Continue down the corridor beyond the double fire doors where you will see the sign on the ceiling for obstetric ultrasound and fetal medicine unit.

Car Parking

The hospital car parking facilities are free.

Baby in wrong position and therefore no images achieved?

I will offer a free second scan opportunity for women if their baby has been in a difficult position for a souvenir image. Please bear in mind that image quality is dependant on maternal size and tissue type.

Who can attend my scan?

I will endeavour to meet your family needs during your scan and hope to provide you with a memorable experience. However, the maximum number of people attending your scan is four. This allows both you and I to concentrate on your baby throughout your scan.

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