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Packages & Fees

Early pregnancy reassurance scans 100.00

This scan is intended for women who have had no vaginal bleeding or pain and are currently at least 7 weeks from their LMP. The scan will take 15 minutes and will show you the baby's heartbeat, work out how many weeks pregnant you are and will also pick up twins or triplets. This package will give you 4 photographs and a CD of your images. This is an option if you want an extra scan before your dating scan.

Growth scans for reassurance 100.00

This scan is offered to all pregnant women from 28 weeks gestation and will measure the circumference of the baby's head and abdomen as an indicator of growth. The volume of amniotic fluid will also be assessed. This scan will take 15 minutes and you will be given 4 photographs and a CD of your images. This option is suited to women who may be a little anxious regarding the size of their baby and wish additional reassurance. This option also gives you the chance of seeing your baby's face and heartbeat after your detailed scan at 18-21 weeks.

4D souvenir scans 150

4D scans are offered to all expectant mothers from 26 -34 weeks gestation. These are purely souvenir images of your baby. The success of these scans is determined by your own size and the baby's position in the womb at the time of scan. The 4D scan will take 30 minutes and will include your baby being initially observed using 2D grayscale imaging where I will perform growth measurements of the fetal head and abdominal circumference. You will be given 6 sepia photographs and a CD of your images.

If you are having the growth or 4D souvenir scans, fetal sexing will be performed at no extra cost.

Fetal sexing 100 - From 17 Weeks.

This is from 17 weeks. This is a 10 minute scan which will aim to identify the sex of your baby. You will be given 2 photographs of your baby's face.
Please be aware that this scan may not be achievable due to the position of your baby in the womb on the day of scan.
I hope to be able to give you an accurate result, however sometimes it is not possible to see the fetal sex clearly and with 100% certainty. I will inform you if I am unable to clarify the fetal sex.

Fertility scans for endometrial thickness and follicular activity 100

The fertility scan is offered to all women who are undergoing any type of fertility treatment on a private basis. This scan includes assessing any follicular activity of the ovaries, measuring endometrial thickness and identifying any gynaecological pathology that may be present. The scan duration is 15 minutes and will include a trans-vaginal scan.

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